Section 2:  Academic Program Organization

Academic Organization and Roles of Academic Officers

Department Chairpersons (and School Directors)



Department chairpersons (and School Directors) are appointed by the President and Provost for five-year terms upon the recommendation of the college dean.  These appointments are renewable for like periods.  The advice of a majority of the faculty, by a formal vote of the faculty, within the department or school is required for the appointment or reappointment of the chairperson or school director.  The vote of the faculty must be communicated to the dean of the college and by the dean to the Provost upon the occasion of any recommendation for appointment or reappointment.  Chairpersons are renewed annually by the college dean and serve at the pleasure of the President, the Provost and the Dean.  Therefore, the President and Provost have the authority to replace a department chairperson at any time after consultation with the appropriate dean, if such action is in the best interests of the department or the University.  Tenure as a faculty member is a separate right.  (Revised, Provost and AAUP, 3/20/2008).