April 16, 2008

University Senate Coordinating Committee Report on Breadth Requirement

Prepared By:    Amy N. Johnson

                        Chair, Coordinating Committee on Education

Committee members include Havidán Rodríguez, Chuck Mason, John Madsen, Belinda Orzada, Cihan Cobanoglu, George Conrade, Tom Johnston, Raymond Wolters, and students Kristen Briem (graduate) and Ashley Benanti (undergraduate), and Karren Helsel-Spry.

The Coordinating Committee on Education met to discuss the Breadth Requirement motion from the floor of the Senate.  The Undergraduate Studies Committee provided a summary report of their views on breadth requirement issues that gave a broader understanding of the problems across colleges and programs. 

The Committee determined that an Ad Hoc Committee of 6-8 members representing all Colleges was needed to determine the issues and provide specific, concrete recommendations for implementation.  Suggested members include representation from the University Faculty Senate Committees on General Education and Undergraduate Studies, the Chair of Educational Affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences, and other members representing all colleges. 

The following have agreed to serve on the ad hoc committee:

John Madsen – Geological Sciences, UGS

Jennifer Gregan-Paxton - Business & Economics

Pammela Cummings – CHEP

Steve Hastings - AG

Avron Abraham - Gen Ed.

Anthony Seraphin - AS, Ed. Affairs Chair

Carolyn Manning – Health Sciences

Douglas Buttrey - ENG, Former UGS Chair

The Ad Hoc Committee will report to the Coordinating Committee after meeting with Assistant Deans and students from every college across campus.  Their charge is to (1) to examine the current challenges, opportunities and  recommendations for the development and implementation of breadth requirements at the University of Delaware, (2) compile student, faculty, and college feedback on the issues, and (3) provide recommendations that include a specific plan for implementation and that support the University’s strategic plan.

A preliminary report of the work of the Ad Hoc Committee is requested for the October 2008 Faculty Senate meeting.  Final recommendations are asked to be presented at the December 2008 meeting.

New curricular proposals are due in late November 2008.  The short-term plan for proposals submitted that involve breadth requirement issues will be to hold these proposals until after any Senate decision involving Breadth Requirements at the December meeting with the assurance that these proposals will be reviewed in a timely manner following the vote.