Academic Program Approval


This form is a routing document for the approval of new and revised academic programs.Proposing department should complete this form.  For more information, call the Faculty Senate Office at 831-2921.



Submitted by: ___Christopher A Knight_______________phone number___6175__________


Department:Kinesiology and Applied Physiologyemail address__caknight@udel.edu____


Date:   ___November 5, 2010__________________________________


Action:___Revise Exercise Science Major & Concentration ___________

(Example:  add major/minor/concentration, delete major/minor/concentration,  revise major/minor/concentration,  academic unit name change, request for permanent status, policy change, etc.)


Effective term________11F_________________________________________________________

                                                (use format 04F, 05W)


Current degree_____BS___________________________________________________

                                    (Example:  BA, BACH, BACJ, HBA, EDD, MA, MBA, etc.)


Proposed change leads to the degree of: _____BS_______________________________

                                                                                (Example:  BA, BACH, BACJ, HBA, EDD, MA, MBA, etc.)



Proposed name:_____NA_______________________________________________________

                                Proposed new name for revised or new major / minor / concentration / academic unit

                                                                                (if applicable)


Revising or Deleting:


Undergraduate major / Concentration:Exercise Science / Exercise Physiology__

                                                                                    (Example:  Applied Music – Instrumental  degree BMAS)


Undergraduate minor:____________________________________________________

                        (Example:  African Studies,  Business Administration,  English, Leadership, etc.)                       


Graduate Program Policy statement change:_________________________________

(Must attach your Graduate Program Policy Statement)


            Graduate Program of Study:______________________________________________

                        (Example:  Animal Science: MS  Animal Science:  PHD  Economics: MA Economics: PHD)



                Graduate minor / concentration:___________________________________________



Note: all graduate studies proposals must include an electronic copy of the Graduate Program Policy Document, highlighting the changes made to the original policy document.



List new courses required for the new or revised curriculum. How do they support the overall program objectives of the major/minor/concentrations)?

 (Be aware that approval of the curriculum is dependent upon these courses successfully passing through the Course Challenge list. If there are no new courses enter “None”)


KAAP200 “Statistics in Health Sciences” will provide statistical training in methods that are specific to the health sciences using highly relevant examples.



Explain, when appropriate, how this new/revisedcurriculum supports the 10 goals of undergraduate education:


By offering a content specific statistics course (KAAP200) we will improve the manner in which we address goal number 2 (critical thinking).  Students will be better equipped to understand and therefore contemplate meaningful examples from within the Health Sciences.  This will likely cause the students to approach problem solving with greater enthusiasm, resulting in better outcomes and retention.


Identify other units affected by the proposed changes:

(Attach permission from the affected units.  If no other unit is affected, enter “None”)


The chair of Medical Technology supports our addition of MEDT200 to our major requirements as evidenced by the attached email.



Describe the rationale for the proposed program change(s):

(Explain your reasons for creating, revising, or deleting the curriculum or program.)


Background: Following a department split, the Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences became the Departments of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology (KAAP) and Behavioral Health and Nutrition (BHAN). KAAP retains the name “Exercise Science” for one of its majors.  We are taking this opportunity to improve the mechanics of thismajor, its three concentrations (Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics & Motor Control, Medical Scholars) and our two minors (Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning) by renumbering some classes, consolidating some 3-credit courses with their 1-credit lab sections, and revising the Biomechanics and Motor Control concentration.  All of these program revisions actions are related to some extent.


In this proposal:


1.       KAAP205 will be replaced by KAAP105.  Freshman Seminar in Exercise Science is being renumbered to from 205 to 105 to match placement of this of this course within the first year program of study.


2.       We propose concentration requirements that allow PHYS201/202 or PHYS207/208 and this standardizes the requirement across all three concentrations in the Exercise Science Major.Accordingly, these physics courses will be moved from concentration requirements to major requirements. 


3.       KAAP428/429 are the 3 credit Motor Control & Learning course and its co-requisite lab section.  429 will be deactivated and the lab will become part of 428, elevating it from 3 credits to 4.*


4.       KAAP430/431 are the 3 credit Exercise Physiology course and its co-requisite lab section.  431 will be deactivated and the lab will become part of 430, elevating it from 3 credits to 4.*


*The above 2 revisions offer these two courses to students in the same manner as the parallel course KAAP426 (4 credits Biomechanics with lab).


5.       KAAP375 “Neuromechanical Basis of Human Movement” is proposed to be removed from major requirements.  With the successful expansion of KAAP310 to KAAP309&310 (Pre-clinical Anatomy and Physiology I and II) in prior years and the creation and refinement of KAAP428, this course material is being covered elsewhere.  This represents an improvement because the fundamental neurophysiology of movement is delivered early in the program of study (in 309) to support multiple courses while the more specific applications of this knowledge are examined first hand in laboratory (428).


6.       The revised 4-credit KAAP428 will move from the Biomechanics and Motor Control concentration requirement to an Exercise Science major requirement.  Our Exercise Science major seeks balance across the subdisciplines of Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, and Motor Control & Learning.  The existing major requirements currently include Exercise Physiology with lab (430), and Biomechanics with lab (426) but not Motor Control and Learning with Lab (428).  Moving this course addresses the desire to have balanced undergraduate training in each of these three subdisciplines.


7.       With the recent initiation of University Breadth Requirements, we have re-categorized courses that satisfy the University requirements (PSYC100, NTDT200).


8.       KAAP200 Statistics in Health Sciences is added as an alternate to STAT200 in major requirements.  This will offer statistical training in methods that are specific to the health sciences using highly relevant examples.


9.      KAAP451 “Clinical Exercise Physiology” is proposed to become a concentration requirement rather than an option due to its importance for pre-health professional training which represents a majority interest of our majors.


10.  KAAP 655 “Advanced Physiology of Exercise”is being added as an option in concentration requirements.  This offers another opportunity for specialization and a solution to accommodate the increasing number of students with more flexibility in class scheduling.


11.  HESC 430 was incorrectly named as “Physiology of Activity” in the previous catalog.  The proposal includes a revision with the correct name “Exercise Physiology”.


Program Requirements: 

(Show the new or revised curriculum as it should appear in the Course Catalog.  If this is a revision, be sure to indicate the changes being made to the current curriculum and include a side-by-side comparison of the credit distribution before and after the proposed change.)







CURRICULUM                                                        CREDITS




ENGL 110 Critical Reading and Writing                                   3

(minimum grade C-) 

First Year Experience (FYE)                                                    0-4

Breadth Requirement                                                                                12

Discovery Learning Experience (DLE)                                    3

Multi-cultural Courses                                                              3



Humanities and Communication Skills                                      9


Social Sciences PSYC 100 General Psychology                         3

PSYC 325 Child Psychology 


PSYC 334 Abnormal Psychology                                                             3

Natural/Biological Sciences and Mathematics

CHEM 103 General Chemistry                                                                 4

CHEM 104 General Chemistry                                                                 4

MATH 115 Pre-Calculus and MATH 221 Calculus I 


MATH 241 Analytic Geometry and Calculus A                        4-6

NTDT 200 Nutrition Concepts                                                                3

BISC 207 Introductory Biology I                                                             4

BISC 208 Introductory Biology II                                                            4


MAJOR REQUIREMENTS(minimum grade C- in each)

STAT 200 Basic Statistical Practice                                         3

HESC 180 Introduction to Exercise Science                                             3

HESC 205 Freshman Seminar in Exercise Science                    1

HESC 309 Pre-Clinical Anatomy and Physiology I                  4

HESC 310 Pre-Clinical Anatomy and Physiology II                                 4

HESC 353 Pre-Professional Seminar                                        1

HESC 375 Neuromechanical Basis of Human Movements        3

HESC 400 Research Methods                                                   3

HESC 426 Biomechanics I                                                       4

HESC 430 Physiology of Activity                                           3

HESC 431 Physiology of Activity Lab                                     1


CONCENTRATION REQUIREMENTS (minimum grade C- in each) HESC 305 Fundamentals of Athletic Training                    3

HESC 434 ECG Interpretation 


HESC 451 Clinical Exercise Physiology                                   3

PHYS 201 Introductory Physics I                                                            4

PHYS 202 Introductory Physics II                                           4


ELECTIVES After required courses are completed, sufficient elective credits must be taken to meet the minimum credits required for the degree.









CURRICULUM                                                      CREDITS




ENGL 110 Critical Reading and Writing                        3

(minimum grade C-)                                                     

First Year Experience (FYE)                                         0-4

 Satisfied by KAAP105 in Major Requirements

Discovery Learning Experience (DLE)                          3

Can be satisfied by KAAP400 in Major Requirements  

Multi-cultural Course                                                     3



   (minimum grade of C-)

   Creative Arts and Humanities                                     3

   History & Cultural Change                                         3

   Social and Behavioral Sciences                                        

      PSYC100 General Psychology                                 3

   Math, Natural Sciences & Technology                            

      NTDT200 Nutrition Concepts                                3



(minimum grade C-)


KAAP 105 Freshman Seminar in Exercise Science         1

KAAP 180 Introduction to Exercise Science                 3

CHEM 103 General Chemistry                                      4

CHEM 104 General Chemistry                                      4

BISC 207   Introductory Biology I                                 4

BISC 208   Introductory Biology II                               4

MATH 221 Calculus I                                                  


MATH 241 Analytic Geometry and Calculus A             3/4

MEDT 200 The Language of Medicine                         3

PHYS 201 or 207 Physics I                                           4

PHYS 202 or 208 Physics II                                         4

STAT 200 Basic Statistical Practice                             
KAAP 200 Statistics in Health Sciences                        3

PSYC 325 Child Psychology                                        


PSYC 334 Abnormal Psychology                                  3

KAAP 309 Pre-Clinical Anatomy and Physiology I      4

KAAP 310 Pre-Clinical Anatomy and Physiology II     4

KAAP 353 Pre-Professional Seminar                            1

KAAP 400 Research Methods                                       3

KAAP 426 Biomechanics I                                            4       

KAAP 428 Motor Control & Learning                          4

KAAP 430 Exercise Physiology                                    4




KAAP 305 Fundamentals of Sports Health Care            3

KAAP 451 Clinical Exercise Physiology                       3

KAAP 434  Twelve-lead ECG Interpretation                

KAAP 655 Advanced Physiology of Exercise                3


ELECTIVES After required courses are completed, sufficient elective credits must be taken to meet the minimum credits required for the degree.


CREDITS TO TOTAL A MINIMUM OF                                120







ROUTING AND AUTHORIZATION:(Please do not remove supporting documentation.)


Department Chairperson                                                                                                        Date                                       


Dean of College                                                                                                                       Date                                       


Chairperson, College Curriculum Committee___________________________________Date_____________________


Chairperson, Senate Com. on UG or GR Studies                                                                   Date                                       


Chairperson, Senate Coordinating Com.                                                                 Date                                       


Secretary, Faculty Senate                                                                                                       Date                                       


Date of Senate Resolution                                                                                                      Date to be Effective               


Registrar                                                                  Program Code                                         Date                                       


Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & International Programs                                               Date                                       


Provost                                                                                                                                   Date                                       


Board of Trustee Notification                                                                                                                Date                                       


Revised 02/09/2009   /khs





Supporting Email from Medical Technology Chair


Hello Todd,


To confirm our discussion, the Department of Medical Technology welcomes the addition of students from the Athletic Training major and the Exercise Science major in our course MEDT 200 Language of Medicine.  The addition of 150-175 of your students per year can be accommodated, if divided between the fall and spring semesters.


I look forward to hearing if your faculty approve this curriculum revision.



Anna Ciulla

Chair and Associate Professor

Department of Medical Technology

Willard Hall Education Building, Room 305

University of Delaware

Newark, DE 19716

302-831-2849 (Office)

302-831-4180 (Fax)