Academic Program Approval


This form is a routing document for the approval of new and revised academic programs.  Proposing department should complete this form.  For more information, call the Faculty Senate Office at 831-2921.



Submitted by: _Michael Gamel-McCormick on behalf of the Department of Individual and Family Studies____________________phone number_x6500____                                                               


Action:  ___Change of Academic Unit Name_______________________________________________________

(Example:  add major/minor/concentration, delete major/minor/concentration,  revise major/minor/concentration,  academic unit name change, request for permanent status, policy change, etc.)


Effective term__08F______________________________________________________________________________

                                                (use format 04F, 05W)


Current degree___Not applicable ________________________________________________

                                    (Example:  BA, BACH, BACJ, HBA, EDD, MA, MBA, etc.)


Proposed change leads to the degree of: __Not applicable ____________________________

                                                                                             (Example:  BA, BACH, BACJ, HBA, EDD, MA, MBA, etc.)


Proposed name:__Human Development and Family Studies____________________________

                                            Proposed new name for revised or new major / minor / concentration / academic unit

                                                                                (if applicable)


Revising or Deleting: 


Undergraduate major / Concentration:_________________________________

                                                                                    (Example:  Applied Music – Instrumental  degree BMAS)


Undergraduate minor:_______________________________________________

                                   (Example:  African Studies,  Business Administration,  English, Leadership, etc.)            


Graduate Program Policy statement change:____________________________

                                                                        (Attach your Graduate Program Policy Statement)


            Graduate Program of Study:__________________________________________

                                 (Example:  Animal Science: MS  Animal Science:  PHD  Economics: MA Economics: PHD)



                Graduate minor / concentration:______________________________________



List program changes for curriculum revisions:


Not applicable.









List new courses required for the new or revised curriculum:

 (Be aware that approval of the curriculum is dependent upon these courses successfully passing through the Course Challenge list. If there are no new courses enter “None”)



Not applicable.




Other affected units:

(List other departments affected by this new or revised curriculum.  Attach permission from the affected units.  If no other unit is affected, enter “None”)


Not applicable.





(Explain your reasons for creating, revising, or deleting the curriculum or program.)


See attached resolution.








Program Requirements:  

(Show the new or revised curriculum as it should appear in the Course Catalog.  If this is a revision, be sure to indicate the changes being made to the present curriculum.)


Not applicable.




 ROUTING AND AUTHORIZATION:        (Please do not remove supporting documentation.)


Department Chairperson                                                                                                        Date                                       


Dean of College                                                                                                                       Date                                       


Chairperson, College Curriculum Committee___________________________________Date_____________________


Chairperson, Senate Com. on UG or GR Studies                                                                   Date                                       


Chairperson, Senate Coordinating Com.                                                                 Date                                       


Secretary, Faculty Senate                                                                                                       Date                                       


Date of Senate Resolution                                                                                                      Date to be Effective               


Registrar                                                                  Program Code                                         Date                                       


Vice Provost for Academic Programs & Planning                                                                  Date                                       


Provost                                                                                                                                   Date                                       


Board of Trustee Notification                                                                                                                Date                                       


Revised 11/03/04   /khs






To:          The University of Delaware Faculty Senate


From:      The Department of Individual and Family Studies


Re:           Proposed Resolution for a Department Name Change


Date:       March 28, 2008


Based on work conducted during the past year, the Department of Individual and Family Studies has concluded, in a unanimous vote, that the name of the department should be changed to Human Development and Family Studies.  Our resolution, with rationale for this change, is below.




Where as, the Department of Individual and Family Studies has conducted research and instruction in the area of development of individuals from birth to death since its inception in 1979, and


Where as, the Academic Program Review team visiting the department in October 2007 recommended a change of the department name to “Human Development and Family Studies,” and


Where as, the department has a masters of science degree in “Human Development and Family Studies,” and


Where as, the department has a Ph.D. in “Human Development and Family Studies,” and


Where as, the name change will emphasize the lifespan emphasis of the scholarship in the department better enabling the department to recruit high quality students and faculty; and


Where as, over 90 universities throughout the world house departments with name “Human Development and Family Studies,” and


Where as, the faculty of the Department of Individual and Family Studies voted unanimously to change the name of the department, be it


Resolved, that the Faculty Senate recommends that the name, Department of “Individual and Family Studies,” be changed to Department of “Human Development and Family Studies.”