Committee on Student Life

Annual Report 2007-08


Committee Members:


Matt Robinson                          Marilyn Prime                           Kathryn Goldman

David Frey                               Mary Martin                             Nancy Cotugna

Denise Santos                           Lee Edelsten                            

Barry Walker                           Cenk Caliskan 


Meeting Dates:

September 21                           October 19                              November 16

December 14                           January 11                                January 18

February 15                             March  21                                April 21

May  16




The Student Life Committee of the Faculty Senate held it opening meeting on September 21, 2008. At that time a schedule of monthly meeting was set for the committee. For the October meeting Michael Gilbert was invited to share his vision for the Student Life Division under his charge.


In the time between the October 19 meeting and the November 16 meeting, The Student Life Committee was given the charge by provost Dan Rich at the November 5, 2007 Faculty Senate meeting of reviewing the circumstances that led to the discontinuing of the Curricular Approach to Resident Life implemented by the Office of Residence Life and to be involved with the development of the new program.  That charge has been the primary focus of the committee.


Over the course of  the year, the committee has worked on four tasks related to the charge. 


  • Preparing the report on the circumstances that led to the discontinuing of the previous program. This report will be completed in time for the March Faculty Senate Meeting.


  • Reviewing, making recommendations to and endorsing a Residence Life program for the Spring 2008 Semester.


  • Agreeing upon a committee to provide faculty input in the development of residential education program for 2008-09.


  • Reviewing the plans for a Residential education  program for the 2008-09 Academic year.


Report on Previous Residential Education Program

In preparing the report, the committee:


  • received a written report from Residence Life.
  • received a presentation from Vice President of Student Life Michel Gilbert and Director of Residence Life Kathleen Kerr in regards to that report.
  • led an open forum for students in November that was organized by the Student Government Association on November where students had opportunity to offer their perspective on the past program, the decision of the University to discontinue and the desires for a new program.
  • met with Provost Dan Rich
  • met on multiple occasions to discuss and review multiple drafts of the report.
  • Committee chair presented report at the March meeting of the Faculty Senate. 


Endorsement of the Spring 2008 Semester Program

The committee:


  • reviewed draft of the Spring 2008 Residence Life program.
  • met with Michael Gilbert and Kathleen Kerr to offer suggestions and recommendations on the program
  • voted to endorse. It was ultimately endorsed by the executive committee and has been implemented.


The Resident Education Advisory Council


The committee:


  • approved a council that would provide faculty input in the development of a new Residential Education program. The final product will come to the Student Life Committee for endorsement. This committee has met with the Kathleen Kerr three times to provide input in the 2008-09 Residence Life Education program.  The documents will also be reviewed by the Student Life Committee for endorsement and will come to the faculty senate for endorsement.


            The committee members included:

                  Dr. Matthew Robinson, Associate Professor Sport Management

                  Chair of Student Life Committee of Faculty Senate

                  Carol Hoffecker, Professor of History

                  Jeff Jordan, Professor Philosophy/Vice President Faculty Senate          

                  Maggie Anderson, Professor Sociology

                  Francis Kwansa, Associate Professor HRIM               

                  Jennifer Stitt, Student, Residence Association

                  Casey Patriarco, Representative Student Government Association




Endorsement of 2008-09 Residence Life Education Program


The committee continues to work with Vice President Michael Gilbert in finalizing a plan that will voted on for endorsement by the Faculty Senate at its May Meeting.


Other Activities


The Chair of the Committee served on the Academic and Student Affairs Council during the academic year.